Trump Rallies: The President's Red Wall To Stop The Blue Wave

02 Nov

Zachary Hveem

In the wake of the Trump President and the pending 2018 Midterms, politics is challenging football for the new American past time. It has been foretold for months that a blue wave is going to wash over the nation this year. However, President Trump has seen this as a challenge and surmounting his own political force to combat this narrative. Trump has hosted over 35 rallies since March 2018 and he still has a few more planned between today (November 2nd) and the November 6th Election. 

The Republicans currently control the House and the Senate. The Senate cycles every six years and the House every two. Thus, approximately ⅓ of the current Senate seats up for grabs every two years, while the House seats are up for grabs every election cycle. The Republicans are the favorite to hold the Senate, and are even predicted to gain at least a few seats. However, the House is likely going to be a nail biter for both parties, and where the true battle is taking place. The Democrats, by many measurements, are the current favorite to take the House. 

Only time will tell if President Trump’s rallies are the juice the right needed to hold both houses of Congress. Only twice since the Roosevelt area has the President’s Party gained seats in the House and Senate in the first midterms of their presidency. Republicans can afford to lose a few seats in the House and still be the majority, but the Senate they only hold by a 2 seat margin (51 to 49). 

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