Prediction: Republicans To Gain Anywhere From 2-9 Seats In The Senate

05 Nov

William West

Tuesday marks the biggest midterm election in decades, and perhaps a lifetime. The stakes are high, and both parties know it. The House remains up for grabs, and could go either way. However, by the outlook of the Senate map, it looks likely that Republicans will gain seats in the Senate. 

The prediction here at Will of the West is that Republicans will gain somewhere between 2-9 seats in the Senate. A more precise prediction puts Republicans at gaining somewhere between 3-6 seats. Yet, the possibility of 9 remains, which would give Republicans a super-majority in the Senate.

President Trump and the Republicans should feel confident in maintaining the Senate. The current Senate is split 51-49 in favor of Republicans. Thus, it may been speculated that Republicans have more to lose. However, a closer look at the current reality of things suggests otherwise.

In truth, Democrats have 25 senators up for re-election compared to 8 Republicans. When it comes to who the pressure is on when it comes to the Senate, it is the left. For more than three times as many Democrats could potentially lose their seats. 

There is no room for error from the left, and their message has little wiggle room. Naturally, Democrats are attacking the administration and proposing that their alternative agenda would better suit the nation. However, this approach rings hollow against the thriving state of the country since Trump took office. Criticisms come off as forceful opposition, rather than an honest take on reality.

Economically, October was once again a positive month for the U.S. which bodes well for the GOP. Federal economists report the economy added 250,000 jobs and held a 3.7% unemployment rate, which is a 50 year low. Thus, the last bit of economic data that will be on the minds of voters is how America continues to prosper under Trump.

The economic news is great for Republicans. However, the topic of immigration still ranks number one for registered Republicans according to Harvard/Harris poll. President Trump campaigned on immigration reform and uses the “promises made, promises kept” slogan to remind his base he will continue to follow through.

The US Military mobilization on the southern border to combat a constant wave of illegal immigrants from crossing likely acts as the inspiration right-leaning voters needed to get out and vote. The Trump base is finally starting to see tangible action to tackle their immigration concerns, and they will show their appreciation with votes.

Voters have every reason to be motivated on the right. With 25 Democratic seats up for grabs in the Senate, and many of these in battleground states, Republicans have a lot to gain. Early voting already suggests that battleground states are leaning right. Election night approaches. Prepare from anywhere between 2-9 Senate seats to swing in the favor of the Trump party.

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