Houston Rally Topped The Charts At 100,000 RSVP's

25 Oct

Geoff Lucado

In an unprecedented turn of events, the historically blue city of Houston hosted President Trump in a bid to garner attention for Ted Cruz and overall Republican turnout for the midterms. The event, originally scheduled to take place at NRG Arena, was relocated to the Toyota Center in the heart of downtown in order to accommodate the increase in demand. The Toyota Center tips the scales at approximately 18,000 occupants, more than twice the size of the NRG Arena that can hold just 8,000. 

Remarkably, over 100,000 individuals made an RSVP for the event, leading to tens of thousands of Trump fans gathered on the surrounding streets of Houston during his speech. Devout fans took up residence outside the stadium to secure a spot inside the venue ahead of time, indicating a Trump supporting presence perhaps previously unknown. This was the first MAGA event held in Texas since President Trump's initial campaign for presidency. The outcome of the event certainly acted as a morale boost for Texas Republicans, and will likely go down as a bold strategic move by the administration to kick off early voting in the Lone Star state.

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