The Untold Truth of Suicide in the United States

16 Nov

Zachary Hveem 

The social health of the United States is a main concern to all Americans. Anyone that has lost a loved one to suicide or homicide is forever affected by this unfortunate event. Mainstream media will report homicides daily, but we never hear about suicides. There is a moral understanding to keep suicide cases private. Suicide is an emotional and sensitive topic for all relative friends and family members, as it is arguably the most heartbreaking way to lose a loved one.  

Homosapiens are the only known species that commit suicide. Biology and evolution have done a wonderful job getting all life to the point we are at today, but for one reason or another human beings are voluntarily ending their own lives before natural causes.

Suicide in the United States is the #10 cause of death. Eight of the top 10 are physical health related and the two outliers are natural accidents (eg. car accidents) and suicide.

A recent study was done to compare homicide and suicide rates in all 50 states. Every state had higher suicide rates than homicide. The question one should be asking, is what is causing an individual to want to take one's own life?

One thing our leaders and politicians agree on is that we have a mental health issue. Recognizing there is a problem with the mental health in the United States is the first step. The next step is defining what leads one to take one's own life. A few common indications that are found amongst suicide victims are drug and alcohol abuse, brain damage, depression and mental health issues.

The United States is the greatest country in history. If it is to maintain this reputation the current mental health issues cannot be ignored.

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