The Importance Of Christianity To Be Stressed On Danish Public Broadcast

24 Sep

Colton Hveem

Danish public broadcaster DR has been issued new guidelines starting in 2019. An emphasis is to be placed on Christianity as the dominant historical and cultural foundation to the country’s society. This is a strong shift away from broadcasting a message of accepting and coexisting with the emergence of a foreign culture and worldview, which had up until now been promoted on the station.

The new contract published by the Danish Ministry of Culture, “states that the DR must make it clear that Danish society is based on principles of ‘democracy and has its roots in Christianity,’” RT reports. Previous iterations of their contract were founded on working “for the promotion of integration in Danish society.”

The “integration” reference seemingly had the connotation of a collaborative effort from both Danes and new immigrants to respect and tolerate the other’s differing worldviews. The “integration” reference has since been dropped, but the act of integration is likely still intended but by a different means of encouraging the continued strength of traditional danish norms.

However, criticism from more liberal voices propose that this is an anti-integration agenda. Jacob Mark, media spokesperson with the Socialist People’s Party, comments on the new agenda suggesting, “it is an incorrect prioritization of conservative values. It’s another step towards a political agenda that does not want to integrate people.”

Nevertheless, the contract is to move forward. “The new agreement will cover the period 2019-2023, and will have a mid-term assessment of its effectiveness,” RT reports.

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