Swedish School Destroyed In Fire - Suspected Arson

10 Oct

Colton Hveem

A secondary school that provided education for hundreds of students was set ablaze in the dark early hours of Monday morning. Sweden has seen a spike in school fires in the last few years, and this recent fire damaged the school beyond repair.

“Gottsund School in Uppsala has burnt down to the ground during the night,” Fria Tider reports. “The school consists of three bodies that are interconnected. The fire had started in the northern body. However, the fire was so powerful that the school could not be saved. Two out of three buildings are completely destroyed.”

To replace the school will likely cost at least 10 million euros. Hundreds of schools have been set on fire in just the last few years. Thus hundreds of millions of euros are likely being set aside on an annual basis specifically for building and repairing schools so that Swedish children can continue to receive an education.

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