Swedish Children Face Harassment And Violence In Their Own Communities

01 Nov

Colton Hveem

Swedish children are facing an increasingly hostile environment in and around Stockholm. In their own country, their own town, their own community, children fear to go out in public. Parents are also fearful, for they are worried what might happen to their child while they are out.

“Youth gangs abuse and terrorize peers in Björkhagen,” Samtiden reports. “Parents talk about blackmail, abuse, assault, robbery and threats among Björkhagens teenagers.”

This is taking place in a suburb just outside the city of Stockholm. Youth crime has been on the rise. However, fewer and fewer reports are being made because of the fear of what might happen following the report.

“Police reports have decreased, because neither children nor parents dare to report further, even though knives are often involved,” Samtiden reports. “Earlier contacts with police and social authorities have only resulted in more harassment.”

Swedish families are faced with a dilemma. There communities are no longer safe, and they cannot rely on law enforcement for help. Some Swedes have considering moving to safer parts of the country for the sake of their children. However, the displacement of good Samaritans will likely only decrease the social health around Stockholm further.

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