Sweden's Largest Traditional Christmas Concert "Oh Holy Night" Canceled

16 Oct

Colton Hveem

Sweden’s Christmas concert “Oh Holy Night” is the largest outdoor concert in the country, and perhaps the largest in the entire world. The concert traditionally airs on Swedish national TV on Christmas Eve every year. This year, there is a change of plans. Sweden’s pinnacle event of the Christian holiday has been canceled. 

The mega concert routinely “attracted over 20,000 spectators every year to central Örebro,” SVT reports. This year, “TV4 has not planned the event.” The strength of Christianity in Sweden has been under pressure with the arrival of contrasting cultural norms. The canceling of “Oh Holy Night” is a major sign that Swedish traditional cultural no longer has a strong grip over an evolving society.

Karin Doft, executive producer on TV4 confirmed, “We will not broadcast Oh Holy Night this year.” It is possible that the concert may never be aired in Sweden in again.

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