Salvini To Establish Curfew On Shops Where People "Raise Hell"

15 Oct

Colton Hveem

Italy has turned tough on immigration with their new right wing government. Measures have been taken to strengthen Italian borders and simplify the deportation of refugees that engage in criminal activity. Every measure so far has thus been pertaining to whom will be allowed to participate in Italian society. Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’s latest proposal would bring forth a new branch of policy. Slavini wants to establish a curfew for what he deems “little ethnic shops” that often play host to unsavory behavior.

"(There will be an amendment) for the closure by 21:00 (9pm) of those little ethnic shops that in the evening become a meeting place for drunk people and drug dealers," said Salvini. Most of these shops are run by foreign citizens, and have become havens for “people who raise hell” according to the Prime Minister. 

Italy’s leader claimed the initiative was for the sake of limited the occurrence of the distasteful behaviors he so described. “They piss and shit everywhere, it’s not polite,” Salvini bluntly proposed. He described the people who regularly gather at such shops as people “who drink beer and whisky until 3 a.m. and raise hell.”

The Prime Minister has seen soaring popularity in recent months. His approval rating is directly correlated with his strict stance on preserving Italian culture and values. This latest move may be his boldest yet, and will further test the collective perspective of Italian citizens.

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