Romania Seeks A Traditional Redefinition Of The Family

20 Sep

Colton Hveem

Romania is at a fork in the road for the future of their national culture. Romanian senators recently voted to change the country’s constitution to symbolize a traditional view of the family. The constitution currently states that the family is founded on the relationship between “spouses.” However, the senate voted to change the depiction of the family to be founded on the marriage between, “a man and a woman.”

Amnesty International, an active progressive organization, voiced a clear opposition to the vote and is to try to prevent the referendum from being finalized. Their complaint is that this will “breach the international human rights standards,” and target the LGBTQ community.

According to an Amnesty International representative, “The mooted referendum to change the definition of family in Romania’s constitution could lead to a breach of international human rights standards and pander to homophobic discrimination in the country.”

Romanian law already doesn’t allow for gay marriage, and progressives see the latest action as something that would prevent this future from ever coming to be. “The proposed changes would be a clear backward step for Romania and would have a severe impact on the lives of families based on partnerships other than marriage,” suggests Amnesty International.

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