Pope Warns Of Spreading Racism, Hatred And Intolerance

21 Sep

Colton Hveem

Pope Francis expressed his deep concern over forces he sees to be rising in the world. From his assessment, many attitudes are rising today that were thought to be buried in the past. Francis urges a warning that these forces cannot be allowed to fester.

“We are living in times in which feelings that many thought had passed are taking new life and spreading,” said the Pope, suggesting this is due to a rise in nationalism. “Feelings off suspicion, fear, contempt and even hatred towards individuals or groups judged for their ethnic, national or religious identity and, as such considered not sufficiently worthy of being fully part of society’s life.”

The Pope has largely been an advocate for continued migration into Europe and a prosperous co-existence. He accuses political forces for “exploiting the fears and objective difficulties of some groups, using illusory promises for short-sighted electoral interests.”

The moral injustice is deeply concerning to the Pope, and he stresses that people of today, “should search deep into their own conscience, knowing that one day they will have to respond to God for the choices they made.”

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