French Journalist: "We Are No Longer In France"

31 Oct

Colton Hveem

French journalist and political commentator Eric Zemmour recently did an interview with Sud Radio. Zemmour took the time to explain his perspective of how France has evolved with the increased Islamic influence in the country. According to Zemmour, “The Republic has replaced France” with something new.

In the interview, Zemmour focused on the Islamisation of neighborhoods as a key transformation that has warped the identity of France. “In those neighborhoods, there are only halal butchers, only halal bookstores, only halal shops, and that with people who are dressed — veiled women and men [dressed] like in Afghanistan or like in Saudi Arabia in the 18th century,” Zemmour explains.

“Why are they doing it? Well, for a very simple reason: because all that determines norms. And that way you normalize and “normatise” — if I can say that — the neighborhoods that are Islamized.” Zemmour suggests. “And which are ruled by Islamic Law. It’s the Sharia, in fact. And this is France today. In innumerable neighborhoods.”

He stressed that the community scene has become increasingly hostile in France. “Do you know that today there are - and it is public knowledge - a thousand, THOUSAND attacks, which they call ‘wanton violence’, per day,” says Zemmour. He goes on to explain acts of “wanton violence” as thuggish aggression, sometimes simply because the assailant “doesn’t like your face”.

The journalist recognizes that this is not the traditional French culture, values and way of life that has defined France for centuries. So much has changed in such a short time, that Zemmour thinks it is reasonable to suggest that the country he once knew is no more. 

According to Zemmour, “The Republic has replaced France.” He concludes that the consequences of French policy has made it so, “It’s not that we are no longer under the Republic, it’s that we are no longer in France.”

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