Amsterdam School Replaces Easter Breakfast With Muslim Festival

19 Oct

Colton Hveem

This upcoming Spring, the Easter breakfast has been canceled for a school in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Instead, students will be celebrating the Islamic traditions by way of hosting the Sugar Festival.

“The primary school skips the Easter breakfast, to do something fun instead during the Sugar Festival,” De Telegraaf reports. “They want to pay more attention to the 'customs within different cultures'.”

“A letter from the school… states that many volunteers from the Interdisciplinary Day Care will help to celebrate the Sugar Festival.” The Amsterdam educational system will thus help facilitate the spreading of a foreign culture and traditions to the native Dutch children. “During the celebration, the class will explain what the party entails and why the Sugar Festival is celebrated.”

Instead of promoting a strong central culture founded on Dutch traditions, the Amsterdam school has opted for enriching the youth with exposure to a variety of ideas and beliefs. This strategy continues to proliferate throughout Western Europe, and has thus far remained the dominant approach to an influx of foreign worldviews.

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