Afghan Migrants Defense Against Rape Allegations: In Afghanistan "A Woman Is Nothing"

25 Oct

Colton Hveem

Two young Afghan migrants face charges for the rape of a 16 year old German girl. “It was a crime that made headline news in the fall of 2017: Two refugees in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn allegedly raped a 16-year-old near the station,” Merkur reports. In court, an appeal was made to the fact that the two Afghans come from a different culture. It was argued from the defendants physician that in Afghanistan, “a woman is nothing and the man goes over everything.”

This will likely not garner sympathy in German courts. However, it does depict a stark divide in the cultural norms of Germany and that of Afghanistan. If the defense is meant to be genuine, these two migrants may not have believed themselves to be in the wrong whenever they raped the young German girl. From this worldview, women are not just below men, but entirely subject to the will of men.

This perspective contrasts greatly with that of German culture that aspires to see men and women as equals. The wide separation in cultural norms is thus exploited in the case of these two migrants, and remains questionable as to how such divergent worldviews can form one common mold.

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