The Average American Consumes Over 160 Pounds Of Sugar A Year

14 Oct

Zachary Hveem

The consumption for sugar on a day-to-day basis is at an all time high. Doctors conclude that sugar, in high quantities, is one of the worst things for the human body. It leads to inflammation, weakened immune system, insomnia, and much more.

Sugar consumption in America has been recorded from 1700 – 2009. In 1700 citizens consumed just 4.9 grams a day, followed by 22.4 grams in 1800,  and 112 grams in 1900. By 2009, 50% of Americans consumed at least 227 grams of sugar every day. 

The graph above is visually telling as to how the American diet has transformed. Americans are consuming over 80 kg (Over 160 Lbs) of sugar a year, dwarfing historical rates of sugar consumption in comparison.

A substantial increase in sugar consumption is understandably correlated with the rising obesity epidemic. According to the recent findings by the Washington Post, 70% of the American populace is overweight. Of those in the overweight category, about half are obese.

Obesity has a heavy medical cost on the individual, as well as a large economic opportunity cost on the nation. If sugar consumption continues to increase, or even maintain a current rate, health issues will continue to trouble the American project.

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