Radical Veganism Takes Hold In France

05 Oct

Colton Hveem

What is a healthy diet is something that continues to earn much debate. Various ratios of particular nutrients have been proposed, and a lot of overlap exists within some of the dominating theories. However, it is one thing to make consumption proposals based off of what is healthy, and another thing entirely to make proposals based off what is deemed to be moral. An organization of vegans in France have taken a rather radical approach to enforce eating habits on the greater French populous that conforms to vegan morality.

Butchers across France have been targeted by radical vegans for the fact that their business operations rely on the consumption of animal products. Vegans have reportedly been vandalizing butcheries and intimidating butchers.

“When the stone slabs crashed into her butcher’s shop window last week, Elisabeth Cure became the latest victim of ‘radical vegans’ who are trying to force a change in eating habits in traditionally meat-loving France,” The Local reports. “As in other similar incidents around France over the last year, her tormentors left a tell-tale tag scrawled on the shopfront: ‘End the Repression.’”

“That’s how I knew it was radical vegans,” suggests Ms Cure.

Jean-Francois Guihard, head of a butchers confederation in France, notes, “since the start of the year, we’ve seen 17 butcher shop windows destroyed and dozens of acts of vandalism.” The confederation suggests the vegans want “to impose on the immense majority of people their lifestyle, or even their ideology.”

For the vegans, the situation is dire and their actions are permissible and necessary. They advocate for animal rights on moral grounds and site cruelty towards animals through farming methods and the meat industry.

Vincent Aubry, a vegan campaigner, suggest he was “prepared to go to prison if needed” for his activism, and did not condemn shattering butchers’ windows for the sake of the cause. “Our only limit is violence against human beings,” he said. So anything else goes. 

In order to instill a new dietary morality, property destruction, vandalism and bringing down an entire industry, and thus the livelihoods of those included workers, are necessary for the sake of a more pious future.

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