Endurance Exercise = A Healthy Gut

30 Oct

Zachary Hveem

It is common knowledge that endurance exercise is a helpful aid for weight management. What is not so commonly known is how the microbes living in your gut actually benefit from endurance exercise. A recent study concluded that overweight patients, who do not change their diet, still improve their overall gut health whenever they partake in endurance exercise.

The study was done on 17 overweight women who were previously sedentary. During the 6 weeks, their diets were not changed from before entering the study, so the overall results would correlate with exercise. Each woman participated in three cycling training sessions per week. 

According to research, “After six weeks of endurance training, potentially inflammation causing microbes (Proteobacteria) decreased and microbes that are linked to enhanced metabolism (Akkermansia) increased.” This is just one of many benefits from the study. The research team found positive effects in cholesterol levels and decreased inflammation in the blood vessels.

Smart dietary decisions are certainly not to be overlooked whenever one aims to have a healthy gut. However, this study goes to show that the human body thrives with exercise.

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