SpaceX Successfully Launches And Lands First Rocket At New California Base

11 Oct

Colton Hveem

SpaceX has successfully launched their rockets over 60 times now, and have over two dozen landings. This latest feat marks a major step forward for the company when it comes to expansion. In order to turnover rocket launches rapidly in the future, like SpaceX desires, more launch and landing pads will ultimately be necessary. 

To put it in perspective, one can think of how this works for transportation via plane travel. Massive airports, with multiple runways and numerous docking bays, are scattered throughout the country and throughout the world. Rocket style airports, or rocketports, would necessarily differ in design due to the type of travel, landing and departure, and vehicles used. However, the same kind of expansive measures are inevitable for sake of space travel.

Thus, SpaceX expanding to a new California launch site is a big deal. The launch and landing of their Falcon 9 rocket is featured below.

This launch was beautifully captured by cameras. The channeled cone of burning rocket fuel behind the Merlin engines breaking through the atmosphere is quite the site. However, perhaps even more aesthetically captivating was the coarse adjustment exhaust bursts from the Falcon 9 rocket during reentry. The exhaust bursts echoed across the sky symbolically representing the enchanting nature of rocket travel, and how this is an inspiring future for our species.

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