SpaceX BFR Rocket Can Take 100 Ton Payload Anywhere In The Solar System

10 Oct

Colton Hveem

The next rocket design from SpaceX is unlike any other. It will be the most powerful rocket to ever be launched off the planet, while at the same time have the patented SpaceX trademark of being reusable.

The BFR is “intended as a interplanetary transport system,” explains Musk. The most immediate goal may be going to Mars, but the rocket is designed to be able to travel throughout the solar system. Musk reasons through how the rocket can travel through the inner asteroid belt and to the moons of Jupiter as long “as you establish propellant depots along the way.”

Not only will the BFR be an interplanetary vehicle, it will have the ability to land on and take off from these celestial objects. The ship is designed to be able to handle a range of different “atmospheric densities and velocities.” Every planet, moon, asteroid has a unique atmosphere and gravity well, demanding a wide range of flexibility from any vehicle that wishes to park there.

Musk continues to advance his design, and new engineering adjustments are likely to be made along the way. The BFR is set to have its first test flight in 2019.

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