Robots Are Becoming More Athletic Than Humans

14 Oct

Colton Hveem

Boston Dynamics continues to press the envelope on their bipedal humanoid robots. Their latest tests show how smoothly obstacles are overcome by their technology. The Atlas robot is quickly becoming more athletic than humans.

How long until these artificial creations are out performing humans on various tasks? The jump from platform to platform at the end of the video is something that many average people likely would struggle with. Humanity’s peak athletes would still make such tasks look simple, but this technology is astoundingly new.

Years of development have already achieved incredible balance, dexterity and movement capabilities. The possible applications of these robots are robust. It is not unreasonable for people to see these robots as competitive when it comes to the role of humans in the future.

If one is not convinced that the Atlas robot truly is a high caliber athlete just by the video above, perhaps the video below will solidify just how quickly the robot’s motor functions are coming along.

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