Two Italian Police Officers Are Attacked By Fifty Migrants

11 Oct

Colton Hveem

On the evening of October 5, two Italian policemen were keeping order and directing traffic in the town streets just outside Borgo Mezanone, Italy. During their duty, one officer raised their baton to stop one of the cars. Instead of stopping like the officer directed, the driver accelerated trying to hit the officers.

The officers pursued the driver in their patrol car and eventually were lead into the deep of a deemed “ghetto” where the chase transferred to on foot. “In the area - There are car thieves, drug dealers and etc.” reports Sputnik News. Eventually the police were able to catch and apprehend 26 year old Gambian citizen Omar Jallow just outside the third largest migrant center in Italy.

Dozens of migrants then surrounded the police officers to try and free Jallow from police custody. “There were 50 of them, against the two of us,” the officers recalled. They “punched and kicked us, threw stones and bottles at us.”

The officers were able to call in backup from nearby officers, and after four patrol cars arrived onto the seen, the migrants fled. The police were able to maintain custody of the the Gambian man, who already been convicted for a number of crimes.

Sputnik News reports, “The policemen sustained injuries and sough medical assistance, one even sustained a broken nasal septum, which doctors say will take about 30 days to cure.”

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