Spain To Provide 1200 Euros In Welfare Benefits Per Migrant Child Per Year

10 Oct

Colton Hveem

Spain is taking further action to provide economic security for incoming migrants. The leading Podemos party as just pressed forward with a vote in the Senate to provide additional financial aid to newcomers in Spain. The party proposes “a minimum aid of 1,200 euros, in annual calculation and for dependent children, for all those residents in Spain,” Mediterraneo reports.

This generosity is not new, as Spain already provide immigrants 600 euros a month as a welcoming financial package to the country. For each child migrants have, this 600 a month would thus bump up an extra 200 euros.

If passed, the package would not discriminate based off of whether or not the migrants had legal status. The aid would be provided “regardless of their administrative situation” according to the Podemos party. This motion has been sculpted for sake of fighting against child poverty.

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