Salvini To Begin Deporting 2,700 Refugees

03 Nov

Colton Hveem

Salvini, and the current Italian administration, has practically ceased all inflow of migrant ships coming across the Mediterranean Sea. Now that the administration has gotten a handle on the inflow, Salvini is looking inward to start returning refugees back to their home countries. At least 2,700 migrants have already been marked for deportation.

“After years of government PD, sending back the illegal immigrants in the country of origin is almost impossible,” says Salvini. “But, after practically zeroing the landings, we are working on this and I am confident.”

The migrants will be sent back with a care package, and communications with the local government are to help them find employment. Il Giornale reports, “12 million Euros have been allocated to send back irregularities” to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast. “Half of the costs will be covered by the European Union . With this plan, which will go to support the Security Decree, Matteo Salvini expects to repatriate at least 2,700 irregular migrants.”

Salvini has been stern in his rhetoric, and has thus far been true to his word. If the Italian leader is to be believed, then this is likely only the beginning of deportations and prioritizing the interest of Italy first. He has already submitted his multi-issue immigration legislation to parliament, which would overhaul many immigration standards that have long presided over the country. 

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