Salvini Refuses To Dock Aquarius Ship With New Load Of Migrants

24 Sep

Colton Hveem

Another round of migrants was picked up off the Libyan coast by the ship Aquarius 2 ship. The vessel reports that it came to the aid of ten men and one minor whenever their boat was sinking. The ship refused to transport the migrants back to Libya, since the Libyan ports are not considered places of safety.

Salvini responded to this development in a tweet, “The Aquarius 2 has recovered a dozen people in Libyan waters, a few miles from the mainland, but has refused to cooperate with the Tripoli Coast Gaurd,” which would have aided in bringing the migrants back to Libya. “I say it and I repeat it: go wherever you want, but not in Italy.”

This serves as but the latest iteration of Salvini’s hard line stance on the waves of immigration entering into Italy and Europe altogether. The Prime Minister continues to get heat from greater EU forces for his anti-immigration platform, but has so far stayed principled on the matter.

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