Salvini Breaks Down New Italian Immigration And Security Law

18 Oct

Colton Hveem

Salvini breaks down his first major legislative step towards immigration and security reform in Italy below.

The law includes dozens of articles aimed at bringing security to the streets of Italy. Salvini addresses changes to the refugee program, and how Italy will be critical of migrants who come to Italy and commit crime.

Salvini stated, “So if an asylum seeker arrives in Italy, lands in Italy, requests political asylum, and in the meantime deals drugs, strikes a police officer, mugs a pensioner or molests a child, they will be immediately summoned by the local prefecture and told, my dear, you’re not a refugee, you’re a criminal, and… first plane, first boat, first pedalo, first hot air balloon, back home.”

This law will have to go through parliament, and will likely face heavy criticism from the EU and surrounding liberal political forces. Salvini is currently under investigation for wrongful imprisonment of Italian residents, and has been subject to an extreme amount of pressure to change his stance on policy issues. However, when it comes to the new law, Salvini claims he “will not move an inch”.  

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