Record Low Approval Rating for London Mayor Sadiq Khan

12 Sep

Colton Hveem

Sadiq Khan’s approval rating rating recently hit an all time low. According to a YouGov study, Khan’s ratings dropped from +22 in May down to +4 in September of 2018. Overall, 44% Londoners say Khan is doing well today, compared to 52% in May. This coincides with an increase in those who think he is doing poorly, up from 30% in May to 40% today.

The drop in approval rating is even more profound when it stretched back to March of 2017, which had his ratings at, “58 percent positive and 23 percent negative,” Evening Standard reports. The free fall in favorability coincides with an increase of crime in the city.

London has 100 suspected murders so far this year. London even passed up total New York murders in 2 consecutive months, February and March, of 2018. The British capital experienced 15 murders in February compared to New York’s 11, and 22 in March compared to New York’s 21. Thus, London is putting up a real challenge to New York for the title murder capital of the world.

It is speculated that Khan’s drop in approval rating is directly tied to the increase of violence taking place in his city.

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