Police Use Of Force Spikes In London

10 Oct

Colton Hveem

London has become substantially more violent over the last few years. This year it is competing for New York as murder capital of the world, and guns are not even legal in London. One way to measure the violence in London is by analyzing Police interactions. Through this lens, the state of London is quite telling. The need to use force by the police has surged 79 percent in recent months in response to growing hostility.

Between April and August of this year, methods of force “were deployed 41,329 times...on average 270 times a day,” Breitbart London reports. “This compares with 23,118 incidents of force used in the corresponding five-month period last year, representing a massive 79 percent surge.”

The increase in the use of force is not simply due to an increase of police brutality. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, force was used to “protect self,” “protect other officers,” “protect public,” or to “protect subject,” indicating that the force was overwhelmingly defensive. More in depth statistics are available here.

Police have had to respond in this way in order to keep order, but still there efforts have been rendered ineffective. “Knife crime has been a particular problem in London, rising by more than 30 percent and the homicide rate overtaking New York City earlier this year,” Breitbart London reports. “Despite this, it has been reported that police in the city solve just one in ten knife robberies.”

Even with the uptick in police response, only one in ten knife robberies are solved. Knife attacks have become the new norm in London. As things continue to become more violent, it becomes a more legitimate question as to how effectively the police will be able to deal with it.

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