Podemos Party In Spain Desires 4 Million Migrants By 2020

21 Sep

Colton Hveem

Leading political forces in Spain are welcoming refugees with open arms. Now that Italy has restricted its borders under a new right wing government, Spain has seen a rapid increase in immigration by way of the Mediterranean.

“So far in 2018,” refugees crossing the Mediterranean into Spain, “has tripled compared to the same period in 2017, when 11,464 immigrants arrived. So far this year, the figure is 33,215 immigrants,” CasoAisaldo (english translation) reports.

The substantial increase in immigrants is likely only getting started. Podemos, the party of Pablo Iglesias, “advocates to welcome 4 million refugees from today to 2020,” Mediterraneo Digital (english translation) reports. Podemos also advocates for “papers for all,” and that those that are currently undocumented acquire “the necessary temporary residence permits.” The party also suggests that Spanish authorities disregard “expulsion letters issued to people without a visa in order or passports processed automatically.”

If the trend continues, Spain may soon have its shot to show the rest of Europe just how so many refugees can bring prosperity to the country and to the continent.

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