Orban: It Is Time We Become A "Culture Of Winners"

16 Oct

Colton Hveem

Hungary has experienced nationwide progress in the last few years. Citizens’ standard of living has gone up, unemployment has dropped substantially, and the youth have seen an unprecedented increase in job opportunities. Viktor Orban reflectects on Hungary’s success suggesting ““If we want to remain as successful as we have been in recent years, a change of culture is needed. Instead of the culture of the loser, we must nourish the culture of winners.”

According to Orban, a culture of winners looks inward with pride at the people of Hungary. “Hungarians have something to be proud of and now is the time to see ourselves as winners,” claims Orban. Hungarians have experienced a good degree of winning economically over the last eight years.

In 2010, the unemployment rate was as high as 11 percent. “Thanks to the government’s serious commitment to pushing the rate down, it now stands at 3.5 percent,” explains Orban. Hungary Today reports, “Youth unemployment reached nearly 30 percent eight years ago; today it is below 10 percent.”

It is not only economic success that ought to drive patriotism in Orban’s eyes. A central cultural strength and cohesion is important to the nation’s leader, standing firm on the idea the Hungary “is not neutral but Christian.”

“Instead of self-hatred, we stand on the ground of patriotism,” proclaimed Orban. He desires for this culture of patriotism proliferate throughout the school system, politics, and act as a cornerstone of the Hungarian experience.

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