New Poll Shows 52% Support For Viktor Orban

04 Oct

Colton Hveem

The EU is cracking down on the Hungarian populist government and the opposition they bring to the greater EU ruling political force. With this new pressure, the Hungarian people are being forced to declare a hard line allegiance one way or the other. Hungarians can heed to the EU and dominant western European politics, and thus rally behind liberal parties within their country. Or, Hungarians can solidify their loyalty to Orban and the defiance he has shown EU pressures of conformity. By the latest poll, it looks as if Hungarians are choosing the latter.


According to the latest survey by the Viewpoint Institute, if an election was held to today, Orban’s party would receive 52 percent of the vote, while all other opposition parties combined would receive less than half of the vote. This is a promising sign for the ruling party for the upcoming election in Spring of 2019.

If the support holds, or continues to increase, Orban’s party “would be allocated a total of 21 mandates available...which is more than 60 percent of the seats available. With this you can be the most successful party in Europe.” While western leaders are slipping in their support, Orban is gaining and could soon be the most successful party in Europe.

The survey questioned “2000 persons between 29 August and 18 September 2018. The sample is representative for the population aged 18 and over by gender, age, region, type of settlement and school qualification. With a sample size of 2000 and a confidence level of 95 percent, the sampling error is 2.2 percent.”

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