Macron Calls On Progressives To Battle For Control Over Europe In The Upcoming 2019 Elections

24 Sep

Colton Hveem

French president Emmanuel Macron does not take lightly the growing political divide emerging on the European landmass. Rather than a symbiotic coexistence with opposing political forces, Macron believe the way forward is only through the victory of progressivism over nationalism. For the upcoming May 2019 elections across Europe, Macron calls progressives to “battle” for the future of the continent.

“Macron said Thursday that the European elections of May 2019 were going to be ‘the battle that all the progressives in Europe, that all the Democrats must lead,’” Europe 1 reports. The President has been strict in his criticism towards “countries that do not want more Europe.” 

To be clear, the best interpretation of his classification of “Europe” is an ideological one. Whenever the French leader suggest that “countries do not want more Europe,” what he seems to be suggesting is that they do not want a particular political and cultural identity that he classifies as being uniquely European. This “Europe” is one that is synonymous with progressivism, and those that deny progressivism, in Macron’s view, are thus anti-European.

The rejection of current EU migration policies is a particular thorn in the side of the progressive identity of which Macron is a staunch defender. The French president denounces those who hold the opinion “I love Europe when it gives me money, when it allows prosperity to my people, when it allows my workers to make a better living in neighboring countries, but at home, not a single migrant, not a single refugee.”

Those countries that reject dominant EU migration policy and “do not want more Europe, they will no longer touch the structural funds and therefore it is necessary that next spring,” around the election time, “we have this discussion” suggests Macron. Thus the French president believes that those who resist the progressive platform need to be stripped of EU funding.

For Macron, the progressive vs nationalist battle is real, and cannot be taken lightly. Diplomatic warfare is the tactic for today, and is of strategic use for whoever has political power over the continent.

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