Germany Has Lost 700,000 Germans In Two Years

19 Oct

Colton Hveem

By overall population retention, it may not be immediately obvious that something has gone awry within the German populace. For the first time in several decades, Germany’s total population has experienced upward growth, rising from 80.77 million in 2014 to 82.52 million in 2017. However, in the background is an underlying subtlety that is overshadowed by the statistic above. In the last two years of 2016-17, Germany has lost over 700,000 Germans.

The net loss in total Germans in the country comes by way of outward migration, that is Germans leaving Germany, and a mortality rate within the country that is not fully replaced by newborns.

The last two years saw a substantial spike in outward migration, seeing the total more than double between the years 2015 and 2016.

The outflow of Germans into the world remained somewhat steady for years. “Then in 2016 there was a many Germans moved their home abroad as never before (281,000). One year later, there were 249,000 citizens,” Welt reports. Speculations can be made as to why this number jumped so dramatically. However, the impact it has had on Germany is less so up for debate.

Since some Germans from abroad also moved back home in these years, this acted to lessen the blow of total outward immigration. After balancing the exchange of immigration and emigration in 2016-2017, it turned out to be a net “migration loss of 217,000 Germans in the past two years,” according to Welt.

The greater toll on Germany’s retention of Germans turns out to be the lacking birth/death ratio. “Particularly significant is… [that] deaths have long outnumbered the births.” Welt reports that “more than 1.7 million deceased citizens were offset by only 1.2 million births of mothers with German citizenship.” Thus, Germans are dramatically short of an adequate replacement rate when it comes to reproduction.

With these two statistics, “Germany has lost more than 700,000 citizens in just two years.”

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