German Church In Hamburg Becomes A Mosque

03 Oct

Colton Hveem

A church in Hamburg, Germany will see it’s grand re-opening soon as a mosque, and a center for the Islamic faith. The Muslim community has had their eye on the Church for some time now, and have invested time and money into the project. The completion of the project is likely seen as a major accomplishment from the Muslim community.

A few years back, “the Islamic Center Al-Nour finally bought it for around one million euros and began the conversion to the mosque,” reports Wochen Blick (English translation). The finished renovations and opening of the mosque is symbolic for both Muslims and Christians in Hamburg.

While Muslims see the advancement of establishing Islam in Germany, Christians may very well see it as an advance against the town’s and the country’s traditional religious history. “The project did not meet with approval form the public at all,” Wochen Blick suggests. “Again and again there were protests. In the net, many are now horrified by the actual opening of the mosque and see it as a ‘symbol of the Islamization of Europe’.”

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