French President Emmanuel Macron's Approval Rating Continues To Fall

13 Sep

Colton Hveem

Macron stand in starch resistance to public opinion. His dedication to a worldview and policy platform, although evidently not shared by the greater French populous, is nevertheless strident and unfaltering.

A recent YouGov survey carried out between August 29-30 revealed that French disapproval continues to swell. “Only 23 percent of respondents said they approved of Mr Macron’s action as president, down from 27 percent last month, the poll for Le Huff Post and CNews found,” reports Express UK. “This is Mr Macron’s “weakest score” since his election in May 2017, according to YouGov pollsters.”

By another measure, “An Ifop poll published on Tuesday showed that just 31 percent of respondents were happy with his performance, down 10 percentage points in one month.”

Polls vary on exactly were Macron’s approval rating stands, but are in unison reporting a continued decline by the view of his countrymen.

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