French Ex-Military Cheif: If The Suburbs Revolt, We Do Not Have The Men To Face Them

09 Nov

Colton Hveem

Just last week, France had to deal with the Halloween “Purge” riots across the nation. Communities were vandalized and set on fire. Innocent people were attacked. Shops were looted. In the wake of this nationwide uprising, France is forced to face a bleak reality. Speaking for his brother and Ex-Military Chief, Philippe de Villiers commented on what General Pierre de Villiers would have told President Emmanuel Macron on the growing civil unrest. General Pierre would have said to Macron, “If it fartes in the suburbs, we are not able to cope, we can afford to face, we do not have men.”

Put simply, if the suburbs of France revolt, the French military does not have the men to face them. According to French journalist Eric Zemmour, “The Republic has replaced France” with something new. The country is certainly not what it was a decade ago. Yet, every country changes.

What Zemmour seems to be alluding to is how this was not a natural and organic change from within, but a forced transformation coming from without. The great French identity is under stress, and perhaps no longer exists. Thus, whenever nationwide riots ensue, the dire state of the situation must be assessed. And if calculations are correct, the fractured civility of France would break entirely if the suburbs were to revolt.

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