Five Million Living In Absolute Poverty In Italy

11 Oct

Colton Hveem

Italy is struggling to raise its standard of living. The Economy is stagnant, and GDP growth has even been revised down for 2018-2019 expectations. Times are tough, and many are living in a state of absolute poverty.

“There are five million people living in conditions of absolute poverty in Italy,” ANSA reports. Among those five million, “1.6 million of them are foreigners, ISTAT acting head Maurizio Franzini said Tuesday.”

With so many impoverished, Salvini and the ruling political forces have looked inward as to how to best provide for the Italian people, and thus resisting further waves of migrants into Italy. This continues to cause friction between Italy and the greater EU coalition.

“Franzini said this was the highest level of absolute poverty since 2005 both in terms of families (1.778 million, or 6.9% of total) and in terms of individuals, 8.4% of the whole population,” ANSA reports. “The phenomenon affects 6.2% of Italian citizens (3.349 million) and 32.3% of foreigners (1.609 million), he said.”

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