Emmanuel Macron Of France Names Himself "Main Opponent" Of Hungary's Viktor Orban And Italy's Matteo Salvini

12 Sep

Colton Hveem

Visions of Europe’s future continue to splinter within the political forces at work within European countries. French President Emmanuel Macron has firmly voiced which side of history he is on with his unabashed criticism of Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Italy’s Matteo Salvini. “I will yield nothing to nationalists and those who advocate hate speech,” commented Macron in regards to his political adversaries to the South and the East.

During a summit in the Italian city of Milan, Orban and Salvini made clear their perspective on the political tension fermenting within Europe. DW reports the two leaders suggested there is “two camps” within European politics on the subject of migration and Macron is “leading one of them.”

Macron agreed with their portrayal suggesting, “It is clear that today a strong opposition is building up between nationalist and progressives and I will yield nothing to nationalists.” Macron further said, “So if they wanted to see me as their main opponent they were right to do so.”

Macron has seeks to maintain a steady stream of progressivism within Europe, including political open arms for further migrants into Europe. Orban and Salvini seek to shake up the established EU progressive norm, as Salvini recognizes his desire for, “a historic change on a continental level.”

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