Czech Prime Minister Says Illegal Immigration "Has To Stop"

11 Sep

Colton Hveem

Czech Prime Minister Andrew Babis voiced his concern about the wave of migrants coming into Europe just days before he visits Italy and Malta. According to Babis, the migrant cannot just slow down but altogether “has to stop.” Babis has voiced multiple times that the Czech Republic would welcome “no illegal immigrants.” 

The Czech Republic is home to 10.6 million people and has only taken in a handful of migrants since the crisis began in 2015. Their resistance is a direct opposition to the greater EU agenda, which has so far ineffectively coerced Eastern European members to go along with EU immigration policy.

Babis’ rhetoric has been repeatedly clear on the direction he desires for his country and Europe in general. In response to Italy’s recent request that other European nations take in some 450 migrants adrift in the Mediterranean, Babis suggested this was a “road to hell.”

The Prime Minister’s hard line stance is by his own words, “a key move, a symbol and a message to migrants and migrant smugglers that it’s pointless to take a boat destined for Europe.”

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