Car Accelerates Into a Crowd Of 100 Children In Sweden

26 Sep

Colton Hveem

At about Midday on Monday, a car drove into a large group of school children and their teachers. The car had time to see the students and teachers, and reportedly accelerated into the group aiming to inflict damage.

“At 13 o'clock on Monday there were about 100 students and ten teachers from a high school school in Sölvesborg municipality on a walk,” reports Expressen news (English translation). “Then suddenly a black or dark blue car, a Saab witnessed, drove on the narrow road - and according to the police in Karlshamn, the car consciously accelerated into the group of students and teachers.”

The witnesses suggest the car knowingly drove into the crowd, forcing students and teachers to throw themselves aside to avoid the car. Thankfully, only two known injuries have been reported. Neither injury is serious. One boy who did get hit suggested the car continued to zigzag through the group after contacting him.

“The police have now initiated a preliminary investigation into injury to bodily injury, negligence in traffic and infestation,” Expressen reports.

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