Asylum Requests In Italy Drop To Record Low

28 Sep

Colton Hveem

The new right wing government in Italy continues to enact their immigration agenda. Ships are being refuted from Italian ports containing migrants. Procedures are starting to be enacted that will see migrants already in Italy removed from the country. Now the latest, Italy’s asylum requests have dropped to a new record low.

“There has been a record drop in the number of asylum requests in Italy in the second quarter of 2018,” ANSA reports. “There were 20,500 fewer requests with respect to the same period in 2017, and 4,500 fewer than the first quarter - both EU records.”

As the Italian regime continues to grow more strict on the issue, this could simply be a trend that continues to advance downward. While Italy is experiencing record lows, asylum claims have thus shifted to other Southern European countries along the Mediterranean. “In Spain requests rose by 6,600 and in Greece by 5,800,” ANSA reports.

Even though Italy has moved forward with a new restrictive immigration policy, this has not deterred other European countries from picking up some of the slack.

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