34% Increase In Life Threatening Stabbing Injuries In England

25 Oct

Colton Hveem

Knife crime, tragically, has become the new norm in England. These kind of attacks are up close and personal, leading to grotesque injuries that will leave survivors scarred and some forever physically deformed by the event. There is no sign of this growing epidemic dissipating. Instead, it continues to worsen. Life threatening stabbing injuries have increased by 34% in England over the course of two short years.

“The number of stabbing victims with life-threatening injuries treated by specialist trauma doctors has increased by 34% in two years, according to NHS figures,” The Guardian reports. “Doctors are also reporting an increase in the severity of attacks, with victims increasingly arriving in hospital with multiple puncture wounds.”

Doctors were reportedly dealing with one or two wounds in victims previously. However, the increase in severe stabbings has also been paired with an increase in the number of wounds. Dr. Ross of Davenport suggests, “Now we are frequently seeing multiple wounds, five or sometime 10 stab injuries on a single patient.”

So many stab injuries on one patient depicts the grotesque manner of some of these attacks. These knife assaults have evidently become much more brutal, where the attacker continues to stab the victim many times after serious harm has already been done. This likely means that, in some situations, victims were already in an immobile state when receiving additional blows from a merciless attacker.

“Figures from nine of the NHS’s 11 regional major trauma centers in England that treat adults and children show that they dealt with 1,697 victims of serious knife crime in 2015-16 but 2,278 in 2017-18 – up 34.2%,” The Guardian reports. “Cases involving adults have risen 37%, whereas under-18s have jumped by 24.4%.”

Hospitals are stretching their supplies thin when it comes to dealing with knife victims, and may not be able to deal with a sustained rise in attacks. The Guardian reports, “Trauma surgeons recently warned that some hospitals were running low on blood supplies because of the ‘epidemic’ of people being stabbed.”

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