Here at Will of the West, there is a primary concept driving the content that populates our site. This concept can be summed up as approaching the West as one grand political and cultural project. Forces are constantly at play within the Western World that impact the ever-evolving nature of the West. It is these forces that affectually have the transformative power to permeate throughout various factions of the West, or in some cases the entirety of the West, that earns the focus of our writers and content creators.

We aim to cast out the minds of our readers into the future and grasp at what is to come. Learning from our past and embracing a forward thinking mentality, we cover developments that allow our readers to peak over the temporal horizon with intrigue. We live in an age that is constantly becoming, and preparing for tomorrow is an utmost necessity for people of today.

Lastly, we aim to inspire. Life is a profound journey. Along the way, one may be sure to experience elements of heroism, love, hope, struggle, victory and defeat. Perhaps the most enchanting thing about life is how it is a constantly unfolding uncertainty. It is this unknown element that makes life so romantic. This romanticism is duly appreciated here at Will of the West. We thus do our best to remind the reader that their life is a tale of great passion and purpose.